Wine Training


Wine is an incredible ‘ work of art ‘ made centuries ago, wine has the capability to traverse generations. The Juice as we call it, is sort of magical & has different styles from crispy, zesty, creamy whites to your light, mellow & superbly rich reds.

‘The Painter ‘ the wine producer is the one of the key parts in making the wine enjoyable. The land is also important because it imparts characteristics on the grapes & its vines. The merchant is also important in that they are solely responsible for the end users consumption experience.


Why do you need wine training?

Wine training is important for just about anyone from the real enthusiasts, to the Service teams in restaurants, to managers to become better trainers or just seeking professional advice to be able to start or run your own establishment.


At Liv we help you in various capacities


  • What is wine?
  • Wine history & regions
  • Grape varieties
  • Wine styles
  • How to decode labels, drink wine, food pairings
  • How to taste & sense
  • How to store wine
  • How to open a wine bottle the right way
  • Impress your guests; wine vocabulary, pouring wine

Professional, Staff & Beverage Industry

  • What is wine?
  • How wine is produced ( Vinification, fermentation, Maturation )
  • Grape Varieties & Wine Regions in depth
  • Wine styles
  • Tasting & Sensing
  • How to read & decode labels
  • Food pairing techniques; rules of thumb, Wine & other pairings
  • Storage & Serving techniques, glassware
  • Impress your clients; wine vocabulary, wine etiquette, pouring wine, wine pour levels
  • Vintages & pricing
  • Tricks of the trade

Wine is not just to be drank to be understood but with the above tools it becomes more enjoyable.  It’s abstract, lots of emotion go into producing wine so lots of emotions have to be conveyed while serving & drinking.

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Instructor : Anthony Muturi is the Owner at LIV & will take you through.